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18th May

Dear Friends and Partners!

As most of you know, I am a friend, partner, supporter, investor and board member of LRN. I passionately believe that culture truly is the new frontier of capitalism in this new interconnected, hyper-transparent and increasingly distributed … Read More »

The Purpose of the Corporation

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26th December

This is an excellent short piece framing the big argument. Are companies about shareholder value or are they about customer value. if we can move capitalism more to focusing on customer and less on themeslves I believe we are all … Read More »

Fantasy Capitalism – Mats Lederhausen Oct 2011

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9th October

What’s wrong with capitalism?  I once asked Paul Hawken this question when we both were frustrated with the lack of progress towards a more sustainable world.  Paul said: “Mats, there is nothing wrong with capitalism. We just haven’t tried it … Read More »