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Fantasy Capitalism – Mats Lederhausen Oct 2011

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9th October

What’s wrong with capitalism?  I once asked Paul Hawken this question when we both were frustrated with the lack of progress towards a more sustainable world.  Paul said: “Mats, there is nothing wrong with capitalism. We just haven’t tried it … Read More »

Business and Proximity – A Look at Cost of Social Detachment

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17th March

This blog was originally posted on LRN’s website

What’s going on?

It is a scary feeling when the ground underneath you is giving way. We may like it for a millisecond – like when we are on a rollercoaster. But … Read More »

The Purpose/Profit Paradox

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13th June

Over the course of my career and my continued journey into the land of why purpose beyond product matters so much the most frequent question is around profitability. Will I make money doing this?

It is of course a viable question. … Read More »